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now.01 Publication


Everything starts with a conversation

now.01 is the first of a five-volume series of limited editions books, which we have created as "conversation starter" on executive level for our long-term client Trinseo. With its sophisticated content elaborate production, now.01 marks the start of a longtime content campaign with print and online measures.


With the branding now., we underline the momentum of intensive conversations, that go beyond usual product and service communication. Whilst sharing viewpoints on current challenges and options for future action, we link up with the reactions to disruptive changes and innovative concepts that make Trinseo a leading industry partner in many market segments.

Strategy & Concept
Content marketing
German Design Award 2016

We take a look at where the industry and the world is now – in order to get a glimpse of where we will be in the future. These insights will inspire a dialogue. Within yourself, and with those around you.

Martin Pugh, Former Executive Vice President und COO Trinseo

Future needs visions and innovative action

now.01 and the now. book series do not focus on products and services but on personal analyses and innovative perspectives of opinion leaders from science, design, and business. These thoughts help Trinseo to initiate discussions and to get into contact with existing new customers, strengthening existing business connections and generating new opportunities at a high level.

Art and food for thought instead of advertising

The core of now.01 are our interviews with executives from the automotive, paper and energy industries, each explaining their individual view on innovation and the future of their industries. These conversations serve as an inspiration for illustrations, infographics, handmade objects and the photographs that represent the appealing visual content.


The books were produced in offset printing, cloth-bond and finished with embossing and hot foil application on the cover and spine as well as on some inside pages. For the distribution of the book we also designed business cards, stationery and packaging with the minimalist now.01 branding and the look and feel of the book. The originals of the illustrations shown in the book, for example the "75" worked on wood, have been framed and decorate some of our client's offices – each another good reason for some conversations.

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