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now.connect Content Platform


From now. to now.connect

As part of the brand management for Trinseo Automotive, we developed the now.connect platform In the beginning, now.connect was used as a digital presence for the now. book series, while at the same time being developed into a password-protected online tool for content publishing and collaboration. The well-researched and elaborately designed content offers an intuitive interface and is accessible to defined user groups. Meanwhile, also the general public can access many articles in now.connect.

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Think of it as a good dating site: top information, intuitive to use - and quick contact to the right person.

Wolfgang, Creative Consultant at Orange Hive

A content hub from a single source

For the content platform now.connect, our design and text team closely works together with the customer to create current case studies, information accompanying trade fairs or user-oriented reports and essays on innovation and business development. The platform is not only an important medium for Trinseo's customer care, but also offers its own messaging and file-sharing functions. It combines content publishing with email marketing, file-sharing and social media elements in a purposeful way. Orange Hive is responsible for all aspects of the idea and concept, content and design, as well as the exclusively developed CMS and the technical maintenance.

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