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Renault Innovation Day


From empty space to pop-up gallery

To be a guest of the French car manufacturer Renault in Paris and to present oneself as a brand at the annual Inhouse Innovation Day - a very special and personal opportunity to show oneself and one's products or even more than that. In 2018, Trinseo, global supplier of material solutions and manufacturer of plastics and latex binders, was provided with a space at Renault for this purpose. To make the most of the nearly 8-meter-high but not very large space during the 24 hours, Orange Hive's five-person creative team developed and implemented an all-encompassing space concept featuring all Trinseo materials and fabrics. In doing so, different levels, sizes, and modules, as well as the play between large-scale on the walls and small-scale on the tables, structured the space while transforming it into an innovative holistic experience. Curated books, boxes to be pulled open and large photographs, which skillfully mastered the balancing act between detailed material recording and art, suggested to the visitors the feeling of being in a gallery and discovering a new space.

Creative Concept
Trade Fair Design
Trade Fair Architecture
Project Coordination
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Communication Design

‚ÄěSurprise me, Supersize me, that was our motto! But not in a cheap manner, as we know it from fast food chains, but modest and at the same time imposing.

Steven Sassville, CEO & CCO at Orange Hive

All around sustainable and timeless

To cover the high walls, Orange Hive's creative designers photographed and stylishly staged Trinseo materials and fabrics. The images were then stretched and mounted in aluminum frames on site by Orange Hive and Trinseo. Almost all the exhibits and products, the modularized boxes and the innovative photographs, the books and the rest of the interior used, have found further use at Trinseo after the Innovation Day.