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A new home for real estate experts

The Corestate Group provides fully integrated real estate investment solutions. They invest in promising properties in Europe and around the world bundling them into diversified equity packages. In order to inform Corestate's potential new customers and existing investors, we have designed and programmed a new digital home that is precisely tailored to the target group.

Creative Concept
Brand Communication
Corporate Design
Web Development

The visual language opens doors

Large, clean images became the eye-catcher of the website design. We chose a visual language that radiates competence and sovereignty. Building photography plays an important role, but we opted for a more abstract representation - with masculine shades of grey, blue and steel that appeal to the Corestate brand's target group.

Corestate's new visual language relies on blues and greys, impressive photography and motifs that radiate competence.

Laura, Creative Director and Managing Partner at Orange Hive

Optimal optimization

The layout of the new website integrates with all browsers and mobile devices. The combination of informative content, offers and company facts has been prepared in such a way that all users have the best possible overview.

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