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80 Jahre Schkopau


80 years of synthetic rubber

The Trinseo site in Schkopau, Saxony-Anhalt, has been dedicated to the production of synthetic rubber for over eighty years. Trinseo’s products are highly appreciated by the tire industry and provide lasting support even for ultra-modern high-performance tires. This is why we decided to celebrate the great anniversary of the site with a communicational concept that combines the dynamics of the automotive industry with the highest good of the Schkopau location: team spirit.

Creative Concept
Brand Positioning
Brand Strategy
Project Management
Coordination & Supervision


We have a unique team that has proven its commitment and customer orientation for many many years.

Ralf Irmert, Managing Director of Trinseo Deutschland GmbH

From first concept to finished event

We created the complete communication around the 80th anniversary celebration in Schkopau. We developed the strategic concept, the visual language and the look-and-feel and on this basis organized all the measures associated with the event: key visual, claims, invitations, newsletter, location, catering, logistics, decoration. Another highlight were the employee portraits, which were integrated into the communication.



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