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Simac Tanning Tech 2018


An important step for API

The Trinseo Company API is an international player in the footwear industry, Simac Tanning Tech figures as one of the most important trade shows for this market. Sure thing that out Italian client has to show up there with a remarkable booth, that attracts both shoe designers and sole engineers.

Creative Concept
Booth Design
Fair Communication
Coordination & Supervision
Project Management

The product is the hero

The concept, that the booth and the fair communication are based on, is as simple as it is inspired. Product samples in the colors of the company are embedded into the backwalls of the exhibition area. In this way, we are not only highlighting the product but emphasizing its USP as well: API material can be colored in every desired shade and stays color consistent from lot to lot.

The project was about being inspired by the product! 750+ embedded material samples brought the fair stand to live granting Simac visitors a unique design experience.”

Steven, Managing Partner and Chief Creative Officer at Orange Hive

Giveaway included

The main deisgn element of the booth simoultaniously acts as a giveaway for business partners and potential new customers. The product samples can be taken from the back walls and brought along, leaving a lasting impression.

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