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MyFolio Animation

Standard Life

Fund saving for starters

The Standard Life MyFolio product line enables savers to easily select a financial provision that fits their investment goals. Depending on the model, customers can choose more security or more return opportunities – while remaining flexible to switch between MyFolios when life circumstances change. To illustrate this scheme, we have developed a video animation that informs customers about the products with a simple story and a dynamic design style.

Standard Life
Creative Concept
Brand Communication
Motion Graphics

It was a fun challenge to develop a story that is friendly and emotional, but also suitable for a more serious topic like finances.

Joao, Senior Art Director at Orange Hive

The mountaineering method

In creating the storyboard and illustration style, we focused on symbolizing the core message. Since Standard Life's MyFolios can bring you up to different heights – if you are willing to tolerate an increased risk – we have chosen the metaphor of mountaineering. Combined with relatable scenes from everyday life, the animation creates clarity and shows potential new Standard Life investors how easy it is to manage their financial plans.

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