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Automotive Photography 2017


Product benefits first

Trinseo’s plastics enable durability, weight reduction and great aesthetics – which is exactly what the Automotive industry aims for. To highlight the benefits of the material, we use a unique low key photography style on car components, that are manufactured out of it.

Creative Concept

The photo style and set-up

We use one flash unit slightly behind the part and one above it in order to show a light, textured, highlighted base. We thereby avoid any light spills on the background to achieve a flawless look. This set-up allows for a shot that is both immersive and highlighted. We like to play and try out new things when it comes to photography aiming for interesting play of light and shadows.

I use a simple go-to set-up. The rest is basically fun and tries

Gui, Art Director and Photographer at Orange Hive

Too good to use just online

We developed the photography inhouse initially to illustrate articles for Trinseo’s platform now.connect. But soon the interest grew and we started to equip brochures, exhibition areas and other marketing items with our product photography, too.

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