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White Paper Design

right. based on science

Climate impact as an indicator for equity valuation

In its comprehensive analysis, right. based on science looks at the correlation of the climate impact and market performance of European equities. Based on the X-Degree Compatibility (XDC) Model developed by right. based on science, the report investigates whether better climate performance coincides with better stock performance. In a backtest from 2013-2020, the analysis finds that top European stocks that are in line with the 2015 Paris Agreement to limit the temperature increase to 'well below two degrees Celsius' outperformed in the market.



right. based on science
Corporate Design

I think it's essential and important to visually convey the complexity of sustainable action in a business context.

Philine Höhn, Art Director bei Orange Hive

Efficient marketing tool for investors, shareholders & companies

Orange Hive used the high-contrast and playful corporate design to lend modernity to the scientific paper as well as to present the analysis in an easily understandable way. The focus here was on highlighting the potential of the XDC Model developed by right. based on science.

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