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Footwear Brochure

Innovation, sustainability and design on foot

Trinseo, a global materials solutions provider and manufacturer of plastics and latex binders, is committed to the continuous innovation of materials and their purposeful integration into everyday life. The Trinseo Company also includes API, a brand for sustainable product development and customization of the manufacturer's materials. For API, Orange Hive created a multi-dimensional brochure that features innovative high-quality footwear made with a variety of Trinseo plastic fabrics. These combine optimized physical-mechanical properties such as lightness, flexibility, and durability with a clear ecological message: fossil fuels, greenhouse gas emissions as well as the water footprint are reduced with their use.


Creative Concept
Graphic element

Innovation drives our business. We work closely with engineers and fashion experts to meet the demands of the ever-changing footwear market.

Sandro Gusi, Managing Director at API

The shoe the future is made of bioplastics

Structured like a "lookbook" known from the fashion industry, the brochure consists of different materials and three booklets of different sizes, one behind the other, to demonstrate the versatility of the concept and also of the material bioplastics. The three parts contain the company overview, a special feature on the material bioplastics and a product range with suggestions and technical information. Clear graphics illustrate the environmentally friendly savings that can be made with the use of bioplastics. Illustrations underscore the innovative character of the material, and large-scale images make it easy for readers to immerse themselves in the world of sustainable footwear.   

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