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Office Artwork

L&L Products

One company, one look

For L&L Products, we were asked to develop an office design concept for the company's global offices. We developed a toolkit and installation guide to create the same look in each country with a local, emotional touch. This included founder statements, core values, the company's world map, a history wall with important milestones, key figures, vision flywheels, information about the L&L Foundation, master brands, curios coordinates, wall tattoos and photos of employees and selected product areas.


L&L Products
Creative concept
Corporate design
Graphic design

We wanted to create an approach that allows a local twist to guarantee a high potential for identification. L&L Products has the mission to value its employees, and the design and content should reflect this.

Franziska Fischer, Senior Art Director at Orange Hive

What matters are the details and the simplicity of implementation

The challenge was to ensure both corporate content and corporate look when adding local features. For example, we took photos of selected employees from each country, colored the images and combined them with a personal quote. All elements are flexible and can be easily customized as each office is a different size. Interesting features like macro shots of the masterbrand products or oversized coordinates & key figures allow different angles and give a different perspective. The color palette is coordinated with the corporate design in blue, red and black & white.

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