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Corporate Website Re-Design


Web presentation

The Swiss technology start-up Flowit requested a makeover of their website. Flowit has developed an AI-supported personnel management tool whose aim it is to establish a new conversation culture in companies. Instead of sporadic employee reviews, Flowit allows all employees to create and request feedback in an engaging manner. To avoid unclear goal communication, personal goals are defined by easily accessible picture cards.

Creative concept
Web design
Web development
TYPO3, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, GIT, Docker, JIRA

Flowit's online presence reflects the same qualities that also define the product: Functionality, Approachability, Inclusion.

Franziska Fischer, Senior Art Director at OrangeHive

Be intuitive

Flowit's aim was to design a tool that can be used intuitively by all employees. In line with this, the website uses a tonality that is free of jargon and technical terms. A parallel SEO keyword analysis and corresponding adaptation of the content further increased the site's visibility.


Drop shape

The central design element was the drop shape, from which also the logo was derived. This element is used multiple times: In an oversize wave shape to provide structure for the background and as a repeating pattern. Contrasting colors make the individual functional elements easily distinguishable and add to the accessibility of the site.


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