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Ballistic Video

L&L Products

Diving into T-Link Technology’s Ballistic Performance

We produced a video for L&L Products that showcases the various benefits and functionalities of T-Link, a complex and versatile product developed by L&L Products. Its qualities of reinforcing textile applications can be used to develop lightweight composite structures that empower performance with processibility in armor applications. Using animations and 3D renderings, the video provides an informative overview of the underlying technology behind T-Link.



L&L Products
Creative Concept

Investing in Product Branding

We leveraged the power of music in our creation of the ballistic video, as a crucial element in conveying emotions and underscoring the importance of safety apparel and the ballistic performance of T-Link. The rhythmic and dramatic music utilized in the video successfully captures the audience's attention and enhances their emotional engagement with the product. We incorporated cut-outs of the logo with sharp diagonal cuts as design elements in the animation, providing a unified and cohesive brand communication while linking in-depth information to the relevant sections of the video.

T-Link is a high-tech product, it was essential translate this into high-dynamic movements throughout the video. It provides a look & feel of precision, efficiency and high performance.

Eustachio Palumbo, Art Director at Orange Hive

From Beginning to End

The video takes the audience on a journey from pellets to the end product, effectively communicating complex characteristics in an easy-to-understand manner. The different application processes are vividly visualized through animation, offering a clear understanding of T-Link's capabilities in reinforcing protective gear that could potentially save lives. The ballistic test is showcased through a 3D animation that demonstrates the impact of a bullet on a bulletproof vest. Acknowledging the critical importance of the product in serious situations, the video combines technical specifications and the emotional significance of using T-Link to reinforce protective gear and ensure personal safety.

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